ORC-A Supralight Squashracket

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Manufacturer: Oliver
Product no.: ORC A
Weight: 0,12 kg

The new ORC-A SupraLight combines a lightweight racket with excellent power-generating ball acceleration. The Wave design of the ORC-A line absorbs vibration for comfort and provides excellent cushioning to prevent arm fatigue. Due to the slightly top-heavy balance of the ORC-A SupraLight, it is an ideal manoeuvrable racquet for attacking play.


Material Braided Eplon™
Form Long String
Weight (±g) 110N / 135B
Balance slightly top-heavy
String / Rec. Kg. SQ X5 / 13 L / 11 Q
Target Group Professionals
Item No. / EAN 4028067013258
Playing Qualities ComfortPowerDynamic

Incl. Fullsize cover




This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 25 August, 2009.


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